About NGC

If you want to learn more about us, you are in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast. 


Yes we took the risk of operating in Norway. A stable economy, oil producer country and an open society. We planned to incorporate our company in Stavanger, as we were and still work for NATO Joint Warfare Center providing high level services.


Our company's members share a common vision: Grow our business fast, and efficiently, based on a model which uses analytical methods in order to produce sufficient planning. Analysis is for us a magic word that lead us to make our dreams come true.


We are looking for the proper tools to support our activities. Integrated software, simulation, methodology and training are our main tools. We are flexible enough to also use the tools that our customers already have in their libraries and willing to learn how to work with them.

Our story

Our strategic decision to incorporate our business in Norway and invest in the country’s needs was really a challenge for people coming from a different culture and  way of thinking and acting. On the long run, we found ourselves discovering a new era of business opportunities that eliminated any kind of doubt that our decision was right. We have opened new windows to our minds and business policies and we shared the everyday life of Norwegian people feeling that this is the place for us to work and grow our business.  After working for a serious period of time for international organizations like NATO and United Nations, we do have the experience, skills and capabilities to ensure a certain high level of services and products. Even more, we have been servicing agencies all around the globe and we have shared the cultures of different nations and societies which make us flexible and our customers happier because we can open business opportunities for them working on a WIN-WIN model.

Our Business Partners

Panos is a retired Colonel of the Greek Army Aviation, where he served as a helicopter pilot for more than 20 years. His skills in Operational Planing and Strategic Scenario Development are widely known and proven. He has worked for several international organizations, among them NATO.
Panagiotis (Panos) Kostopoulos
Director - Operational Planning Specialist
Lida is a Geo - Informatics expert and she is an experienced an certified NATO CAX Specialist. She has been working in CAX projects for more than 7 years and she holds also MSc in Operational Research. She has also participated in developing CAX methodology tools.
Lida Zarkada
CAX Specialist