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Delivered Projects

We have delivered a set of projects to international organisations, agencies and military services. Just see some of them below…

NATO Joint Warfare Center CAX Operators

NGC is supporting NATO / JWC training activities related to strategic exercises using Joint Theatre Level Simulation (JTLS) model by subcontracting its UK partner GGR Training 

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NATO Joint Warfare Center Scenario Development

NGC executive personnel has participated under GGR Training contracting the scenario development team for the latest NATO exercises

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NATO Joint Forces Training Center Projects

NGC / GGR Training experts have delivered a significant set of services related to exercises scenario development, exercises databases and tools management 

tactical training

UAE Tactical Exercises Support

NGS’s experts have delivered and will deliver again training upported by simulation to UAE military and non military agencies

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Hellenic Army Tactical Training Support

Assisting and training the Hellenic Army General Staff in very high analysis individual and collective training supported by integrated simulation models.

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Information & Media Training Support Consultancy

Working on various international projects on developing Media Operations planning and methodology as well as supporting information management secure planning and training. 

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There are several cases that NGC experts can provide a full set of integrated services to executive customers for training and operational planning development, optimization and evaluation. Based on modern analysis tools and NATO methodology NGC’s experts are capable to cover a wide framework of military and non military training and planning domains. Our skill set  is a combination of operational planners, high experienced technicians, integrated customized tools and simulation models as well as experienced personnel in all kinds and levels of exercises support.
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NGC's Innovation world

Unleash the innovative leader you can be and drive the right strategies to stay ahead in a fast-changing market. NGC innovation projects are designed and delivered to ensure strategic innovation becomes an integral part of our customers daily routine and save him money and time. Our innovation programs combine ideas development with action acting and certain requirements in strategic planning, training and operational optimisation. 
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value added services

Every service that we deliver comes together with free of charge “add ons” that make the difference with other service providers in our business domains. This is what we call value added services, as our customers can benefit and multiply the profit from what we offer them. For us, it is a commitment to have an “add on” service based on our customers’ requirements and that is the reason why we establish trust between us and our customers.
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locations and support

Our strategic decision to incorporate our business in Norway and especially in Stavanger has become an exceptional advantage running a rare and pretty innovative business model. Scandinavian countries always supported innovative projects and their financial stability has proven of great importance over the years. Our Headquarters in Stavanger is the main reason that we can connect different areas and business cultures.
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