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Dealing with Different Business Cases

The Strategic Scenario development Cases

There several methodologies regarding a geostrategic scenario development either for training or operational planning evaluation processes. NGC is following an innovative methodology to develop scenarios and produce documentation and tools that add value and assist planner and trainers to achieve their objectives.

security & cyber defense cases

Cyber Security has been proven as one of the most critical domains in the operational structure of any nation, agency or organization. Cyber Security can be "translated" as a defensive procedure or can be structured as a framework of training and operational activities that prevent cyber attacks and provide safe working environments. NGC can support such kind of solutions that save money, time and provide secure network transactions and communications.

integrated tactical training services cases

Military Tactical Training has caused a set of disagreements regarding methods, tools and means that can be used for achieving the training objectives. As simulation models have been used during the last years, field training has been reduced significantly. NGC's Military Tactical Training Methodology combines field training and constructive simulation supported training in a balanced and effective way.

worldwide training & planning support cases

NGC's personnel can travel all over the globe to support innovative training, operational planning and doctrine development. We can support all kinds of training activities either by using our own tools or by learning how to use the tools and software that our customers work with. It is always a motivation for us to get in touch with new staff and upgrade our knowledge and business philosophy.

domains & capabilities

In a world that rapidly changes and the need of a comprehensive operational view is always an advantage to those who can offer it, we do have the capability to present it as the stepping stone of our business model and our working philosophy. 

Operational Planning


  • Development
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Optimization
  • Support

Military Training


  • Simulation Enabled
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Doctrines
  • Customization

Military Experts


  • Planners
  • Specialists
  • Trainers
  • Analysts
  • Technicians

Integrated IT Solutions


  • Business Apps
  • Military Apps
  • Security Apps
  • Analysis
  • Networks
Cyber Security


  • Testing
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Support

Civil Military Cooperation


  • Common Planning
  • Management
  • Exercises
  • Doctrines
  • Integration
Simulation Solutions


  • Constructive
  • Virtual
  • Augmented
  • High Analysis
  • Customization

Integrated Security Training


  • Port Security
  • Airports Security
  • Security Apps
  • Evaluation
  • Optimization

Civil Protection


  • Planning
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Optimization
  • Support

Frequently asked questions

This is a difficult question. For a set of organizations, including NATO, the minimum time is between 9 to 12 months. NGC’s exerts can minimize this time to 6-8 months, with 20 working days per month and 8 working hours per day.
Depends on the structure, the command level, the type of the exercise and the analysis depth. The main idea is to get different simulation models for different levels of command and analysis, as well as using constructive simulation models, combined with 3D representation (high analysis) simulation tools.
For sure there different categories of experts needed for setting up an exercise. Operational Planners, Simulation Experts, Operational Research Staff and IT Specialists can work together and develop an exercise that can either used as a training tool or as an evaluation process. 
NGC’s business model has a significant stepping stone: Value Added Services.
In that case the daily rate for NGC’s specialists and experts vary according to the contract time frame and workload as well as is taking in consideration the customers location and security – safety conditions.
In all NGC’s projects, the costs are estimated on a daily basis (8 working hours) including travelling and accommodation. 
We usually work based on our customers’ specific requirements and we try to adapt tools, software and methodology that our customers are using. 
Our plan is always to assist our customers to achieve their own certain objectives, this is why our effort is to come closer to our customers demands and provide what fits their needs. At the same time, we are capable of offering a set of tools that we use and trust in order to ensure our customers that they will get exactly what they want. 
This perspective includes both operational planning procedures and support as well as all kinds of training and training support.
For operational planning and training optimization we do use Game Theory models and Dynamic Programming mathematical tools to provide results that are connected to objective criteria and conditions. 
Our proven capability to save money and time for our customers, is a precious characteristic of our business model and corporate philosophy.
In addition to a “think out of the box” culture optimization procedures that we use, benefit our customers in multiple ways. 

NGC experts and methodology can be really useful for your Organization, Service or Agency.  For more information just 

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"There is a common language that operational planners speak and has to do with the fact of building a successful operation that will achieve the objectives and avoid unnecessary casualties and loses."
Panos Kostopoulos
Operational Planning
"Developing a software needs fantasy and creative spirit, needs clear mind to understand how you can make life easier and avoid to loose money and time."
Takis athanasopoulos
Integrated Software Developer
"Simulation is the tool, methodology in using simulation is the path and evaluation is the expected outcome for both operational planning and training."
Kostas Tsiakalos
Modelling & Simulation - CAX
"Policy and Strategy is not the same thing, there are completely different meanings that leaders and planners must keep in mind for discriminating the roles and avoiding critical mistakes."
Petros Violakis
Professor, Political Science