NGC Business Model


Our business strategy is a matter of continuous development and its main objective is to ensure our growth in the long term as well as to provide the highest quality of services and products in the lowest costs. This is the reason why we do invest in innovation and in a “think out of the box” planning process. For us financial growth is not an objective, it is is the mean through which we are becoming more effective and efficient for our customers.  

Time Managment

Time can be either a friend or an enemy for corporate structures. We strongly believe that time is the most valuable asset in human live, that’s why we are balanced in managing it. Our effort is to manage time by being predictive and well organized.

Events & Conferences

Our participation in certain world wide events where we can meet people and communicate with potential customers is always well prepared and planned. Usually, we are not exhibiting, but we do have an international presence in conferences and events where we are founding our collaboration opportunities.

Business Budget

Managing a corporate budget is sometime equal to business successful plan. Our budget management plan is a matter of smart balance between investment and profit share. Innovation needs budget but business stability requires conservative decisions on where, why and how to spend the corporate budget. This is why BALANCE becomes a magic word! 

Online marketing

Yes we like it! You can find us everywhere on the net, people know a lot about our services, products, capabilities, needs and opportunities that we offer. Social Media and international partnerships are widely used to bring up the real picture of us. On Line marketing requires efficient planning and high level of knowledge on how to use high tech marketing tools. And yes, we are really experts on both. 

Content Marketing

What we offer either as a service or as a product have special characteristics: High level quality, low costs, innovative planning and acting but most of all knowledge on how to market our unique business content. Working always hard to deliver the best we can is not enough for marketing. We add value to our marketing efforts with anticipating and “feeling” the present and future  needs of our targeted business audience.


Its is of great importance for us in NGC to evaluate our performance as well as to provide evaluation services to our customers. Self improvement processes are coming through an objective and scientific evaluation system that NGC is primarily use for its own personnel, people and partners. We expand fast and wise just because we are not afraid to evaluate ourselves and we are convincing our customers to do the same with their own assets and resources.


There are many different perspectives regarding business ethics and behavioral code. Our perspective as NGC is that business ethics are the ethics of the people that incorporate a company and their manner to communicate with other people in a certain way. Our ethical values and behavioral code is based on a model of respecting other people’s rights, accept their perspectives and discuss everything by using objective arguments. Most of our power to work with people world wide is enclosed in one word: RESPECT! 


Innovation simulation

As Innovation is our leading star, Simulation is our precious tool to discover new capabilities and open windows to the future.
Both Innovation and Simulation characterise all our developments, services and products.

Tailor made services

Supporting our customers is not just business for us.
It is even more, especially when we see people smiling and recognising our common effort.
A common effort that has only one purpose: to meet exactly the given requirements and achieve the specific objectives.
For us, tailor made services are equal to just services.
Ask for tailor made services

fast & effective

Time is the most precious asset of our lives.
With great respect to our customers and their precious time, we support fast solutions, quality oriented and value added.
On the other hand we are effective as we produce the expected result within the expected time.
How to save time and be effective